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Increasing numbers of UK children are unwilling or unable to attend school full time. It’s an uncomfortable truth that for some of these children, the school environment IS the problem. They learn more and are happier when they are elsewhere.

Despite the tight constraints state schools are subjected to, headteachers can agree to positive and indefinite flexischooling agreements for any child they believe will benefit. Children can be educated in school a minimum of 3 days a week and home educated on the remaining days. Schools retain full funding and a C code is recorded in the register on flexischooling days.

Flexischooling arrangements undoubtedly enable some children who struggle with full time school to thrive. Attendance on school days is improved because the social and emotional needs of the child are being better met. When families are well supported by schools in the co-creation of flexischooling agreements, children, parents and staff can reap huge benefits.


We offer a range of services to schools wanting to better nurture children’s wellbeing and improve their educational experiences through flexischooling.


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