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About Finding the Flex

Finding the Flex exists to bridge the gap between local authorities, schools and families through effective flexischooling arrangements.

Some children will always struggle with full time school. Yet traditional solutions to non-attendance at school require children to build back up to 100% attendance, whether that’s the right thing for them or not.

Flexischooling is a more practical option and is available right now. And there is a growing need for expert support to develop workable policies for LAs and MATs, discover individual family needs and design personalised timetables in the best interests of children's educational wellbeing. 

"‘More children were unhappy with school than with any of  the other nine aspects of life they were asked about’"

Children’s Society Household Survey 2023

Did you know...


Headteachers have the discretion to allow children to be educated in school part time and at home or elsewhere part time.


22% of UK school children were persistently absent in 2022/23. Part time schooling is already happening.


All OFSTED comments on flexischooling arrangements have been positive.


Schools retain full funding for children who are flexischooled.


Flexischooling allows schools and families to work together, co-creating arrangements that prioritise robust mental health and better meet the educational needs of children.

why flexi

Why flexischooling?

Flexischooling offers schools and families freedom to better meet the educational and mental health needs of children, particularly those who struggle with the demands of full-time school.


  • Flexischooling introduces lightness and possibility when a child is suffering


  • Flexischooling allows the adults with a duty of care to collaborate in the co-creation of educational arrangements that allow children to thrive, not merely survive.


  • Flexischooling enables families to access a different kind of education, one or two days a week.


  • Flexischooling has proven benefits for many neurodivergent children and those with a SEND profile.


  • Flexischooling means children can have more autonomy over what they learn and where they learn it, increasing their educational engagement and overall happiness.


  • Flexischooling alleviates pressure on teachers and school leaders by giving them more freedom to make decisions that are truly in the best interests of children. It requires less, not more of school staff.


Flexischooling. Parents can ask for it and headteachers can support it. It’s an available option in the best interests of some children and we can  help you to make it happen.


Our story

Finding the Flex was born in 2023 out of my desire to raise awareness of flexischooling and allow more children access to the arrangement.


We aim to  bridge the gap between the families asking for flexischooling and the schools that, all too often, lack the information they need to offer it.


I’m Sarah - former secondary school teacher, mum to three and parent coach specialising in school attendance difficulties.


I know what it’s like to be a classroom teacher, trying to reconcile my teaching responsibilities in a rigid system with the desire to best meet the needs of the children in my care.


I know what it’s like to be a parent needing to get out the door in the morning when a child is beside themselves, clinging to the staircase and screaming and begging to stay home.


I know what it’s like to partner with a desperate family, working through their child’s difficulties around school and finding creative solutions to improve things.


And I know that flexischooling is already an available option and makes all kinds of sense for many children in the current educational landscape.

‘For nearly 1 in 2 young people aged 15-16, secondary school is not an enjoyable or meaningful experience, but is rather something they feel they need to ‘get through’

(Edge Foundation  ‘Schools for All’ 2023)


The rise in home educating communities and the emergence of exciting online offerings post Covid, means flexischooling is more accessible than ever before.


But for flexischooling to deliver the promised benefits, it requires knowledge and commitment from families, schools, multi academy trusts and local authorities.


That’s where Finding the Flex comes in…


Sarah Sudea


Our work in the education sector

We devise flexischooling policies for local authorities and multi academy trusts, giving headteachers the backup they need to enable flexischooling in their settings.


We provide schools with practical blueprints to ensure their flexischooling arrangements have the biggest positive impact on children, families and staff.


We offer a range of additional services to professionals including free downloadable resources, advice and webinars.


Our work with families

We provide support to parents and carers who want to find out if flexischooling is right for their families.


We offer free, downloadable resources and signposting to useful online groups


We run webinars offering advice to parents and carers on how best to approach schools to ask for flexischooling


Sarah runs a limited number of family coaching sessions each month.



For specific queries relating to flexischooling, please send us a message via X (formerly Twitter) or LinkedIn, or fill out the form below.

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